Thursday, October 21, 2010

back 2 d right path..

i've been searching for the reason..
and wondering..
from the start..
why things are not the same like before..
feels like..
something missing..
everything is not right..
there's too many obstacles..
every day..every single moment..
i've tried to fixed it..
with all that i could..
it still the same..

just remember..
how far i've been..
from Him..

started my days without saying thank You to Him..
doesn't think about Him..
doesn't ask anything from Him..
doesn't pray to Him..
doesn't recite to Him..

Ya Allah..i beg for Your forgiveness..

Monday, October 18, 2010


yep..i haf 2 sisters - Maisarah Aqilah & Nisa Syahirah
both r different from me..they n charming not like me..klu compare mesti rmai tnye

'r u really their brother?'

dun care la..

jdi ank sulung nie sumtymes xbezh..kdg2 nk gak aser de abg..kakak..

but during diploma..found sum1 dat i can call 'abg'

so close wif him..sharing everything..he olweyz b wif me..

but no longer now..

really miss him..

now..knl ngan gurl yg beza umor setaun jek..but pggl dye 'akak'..

penah plak ak pggl org yg beza staon 2 taon nie akak/abg

cuz she treated me like her own brother
being so nice wif me..
even jmpe dlm 1 sem nie 2 3 kali jep..
contact pon jrg..tpi..she so nice 2 me..
recently hang out ngan dye..share my prob..n dye bg smgt sket..
even efek speech dye xbyk sgt..tpi kinda relieved..

thanx sis..really appreciated it..

but next sem wont c her anymore..duin her practical..

yeah..wonder y cant b wif d 1 u love 4 a long tyme..

but im hepie..

now dat i haf peoples..dat i can call..


love u guys

Sunday, October 10, 2010

hear me

im not d type dat lyke 2 complaint juz sumtyme need sum1..
at least juz 2 hear my story..everything obvious...
rase nk talk ngan sum1..but..evry1 de prob msg2..xske nk beban'n org ngan mslh sndri..

why eh?..bler org ssh bru crik kte. tyme epie gelak2 xde pon nk egt. manusia mmg cm2 eh?

ryte now..all dat i want is go HOME .

evrything not going d way i hope. mmg la kte xkan dpt sume. but..

-no longer haf mood 2 stady

-evry1 seems so far away

-peoples want me 2 listen 2 them but they didnt even try 2 hear me

-smiles cover up sorrow. it works .