Friday, December 24, 2010

dont get me wrong

sorry if im disturbing u while u r having ur conversation wif ur frens..
i must haf annoyed u wif my text..
im juz worry bout u..
n most important..i miss u..we dun c each other quit a time..
n im starting to miss u so badly.wif d time remaining 4 me 2 go back studying. ol i can do iz juzt text u..
n wut a dissapoinment 4 me wif ol ur reply..

i juz miss matter where,time n what im doing at dat time..u olweys in my thought

but ..
maybe it was my fault..
i dun rmmber bout ur habit..
i was wrong too..
assuming there r nothing n no one important than me..
that is my mistake
im sorry..really2 sorry..
next time..ill rmmber that..ill gif u spaces u need

so dat u noe..ill do anything 4 long as we dun keep fyte wif each other..anything..
cuz u r priority among others..n olweys b

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